Test of Fagerström

Test to measure the tobacco dependence.

How soon after you wake up do you smoke your first cigarette?
  within 5 minutes
  6 to 30 minutes
  31 to 60 minutes
  after 60 minutes
Do you find it difficult to refrain from smoking in places where it is forbidden?
Which cigarette of the day would it be most difficult for you to give up?
  the first one in the morning
  all others
How many cigarettes a day do you smoke?
  31 or more
  from 21 to 30
  from 11 to 20
  10 or less
Do you smoke more frequently in the morning than in the afternoon?
Do you smoke when you're so ill that you have to stay in bed almost all day?

Test of Demaria, Grimaldi and Lagrue

Test to measure motivation for smoking cessation.

  I come to the consultation spontaneously, by personal decision
  I come to the consultation on medical advice
  I come to the consultation on my family's advice
  I have already quit smoking for more than a week
  Currently, I have no professional problems
  Currently, I have no family problems
  I want to free myself from this slavery
  I do sports or I intend to do
  I want to be in better physical condition
  I want to preserve my physical appearance
  I'm pregnant or my wife is expecting a child
  I have small children
  I have morale right now
  I usually succeed in what I do
  I am rather calm temperament, relaxed
  My weight is usually stable
  I want access to a better quality of life

Test of Horn

Determines the psychological profile of tobacco dependence.
A score line greater than or equal to 10 indicates a propensity to smoke.

  I smoke to boost myself
  I take pleasure in smoking and to hold my cigarette
  Drawing on one's cigarette is relaxing
  I light a cigarette when I am worried
  When I do not have any more cigarettes I run to buy some
  I smoke with automatism
  I smoke to give me courage
  The pleasure is initially to handle my cigarette
  There is quantity of pleasures in the act of smoking
  I smoke when I am badly at ease
  I am not in on it when I do not smoke
  I light a cigarette whereas another burns in the ashtray
  i smoke to overawe others
  I am pleased to look at the volutes of smoke
  I smoke even if I'm relaxed
  I smoke to forget when I'm depressed
  I always need to handle something
  I forget the cigarette which is in my mouth


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